Price Changes and Update – Vital House Canada

Price Changes and Update

Some of you may have noticed that we’ve recently updated our pricing. This was not an easy decision but the purpose for this is to ensure our continued growth in the market.

I’ll admit it, I didn’t go to school for business. Because of this there’s a lot of things that I’ve learned since starting Biolent. Marketing, operations, and shipping have all greatly increased since first starting; and who knew that these things were costly?

We set our prices to be competitive to others but I soon realized that I wanted something better than what was in the market. This lead me to the current recipe for Biolent. We’re the only meal replacement whose focus is to deliver something that is above the minimum. Why not get twice your daily requirement of fiber or three times your daily requirement for vitamin D? This also keeps you on track if you only take Biolent once or twice a day.  

We combine natural ingredients to deliver the best macro ratio possible and only use artificial ingredients for our vitamin mix and our flavoring. Best of both worlds? We think so.

This is the reasoning for our price change. It’s unrealistic for us to continue to grow at the current rate so we’re soon going to be automatic our manufacturing. This means faster shipping, a better quality product and more time for the team to do R&D on the next best recipe.

For all of you reading this thank you for supporting our team. We’re really excited about these changes and you can expect great things from us in the future.

Now for the update! We’re finally going to be releasing our ketogenic version of Biolent! If all goes well this should be out by the end of April but I’m hoping for sooner. I’ve been playing with different versions and have found it to be a great way to lose weight. Get ready for some summer shredding!