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Keeping it Simple

I get a lot of questions asking me to compare Biolent to other meal replacements; namely Soylent.

While our names may be similar our final product is not.

Soylent has created a niche for itself as a minimalistic, techy, space food that meets everyone’s basic needs.

Biolent is something else entirely. We believe in taking your health to the next level, which is apparent through our natural ingredients, elevated vitamin content and superfoods.

Don’t overthink Biolent. Thousands of fitness and health professionals make a shake for breakfast. We made Biolent with those shakes in mind but designed it so it could be made anywhere.  


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When I youtube “breakfast smoothie” there are 279,000 different results; clearly this isn’t a new idea.

So what makes Biolent stand above the rest?

Each serving has:

  • Superfoods such as kale powder and spirulina
  • Every essential vitamin and mineral
  • Added probiotics
  • 100% of your daily omega 3s (those are the hard ones to get)
  • 55% of your daily fiber intake
  • A one-minute meal that can be made anywhere

So what caused me to make Biolent?

As a full time employee who is also pursuing a goal of competing in a bodybuilding contest, I found it hard to always stick to my diet. Working late and poor planning caused me to repeatedly resort to fast food as a last ditch effort to get my calories in.

Biolent was the solution to that. My background as a bio-mechanical engineer and my passion for fitness helped me create the most nutritious and simplest meal on the planet. It keeps track of my nutrition so I don’t have to.

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Biolent fits into the healthy lifestyle you want to live. I still believe in eating regular meals but instead of grabbing a doughnut for breakfast or fast food for dinner, make some Biolent!!