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Biolent Keto is Here!

We’re now ready to release the long awaited Biolent Keto! It’s been a while since we’ve done an update so I’m excited to share this new addition to the Biolent family.

Biolent Keto is a ketogenic (low carb) friendly shake that utilizes fats as its primary calorie source which has shown to have great fat loss benefits as well as improved mental alertness.

By consuming low amounts of carbohydrates, the body switches to “fat burning” mode where it metabolizes ketones instead of glucose. This fat burning mode is a natural state in the body and most people typically enter this phase during fasting periods like sleep.

Individuals who remain in ketosis (fat burning mode) for prolonged periods of time may experience a “keto flu” during the first few days. This occurs because your body isn’t used to being in ketosis and is craving carbohydrates. Symptoms include fatigue, sleepiness and increased appetite.

I’ve entered ketosis a few times and symptoms only last two days for myself. The benefits are amazing once in ketosis however. I find that I have:

  • Decreased appetite
  • Increased energy
  • Increased mental awareness
  • Increased focus
  • Higher amounts of stamina

If you’ve never tried ketosis before I highly recommend it. It’s a great way to lose weight while having great workouts. If you want to learn more about ketosis I recommend checking out the reddit forums /r/keto and /r/ketogains.

So back to the product itself!

Before I released Biolent Keto I wanted to find another source for fats as I didn’t feel that flaxseeds or almonds were sufficient enough. The solution turned out to be the all-mighty sunflower seed!

I was honestly surprised when I learned how powerful these little guys are. They’re a great source of vitamins and minerals, Omega 6 fatty acids and fiber. The levels of folate and vitamin E found in sunflower seeds make them a great for cardiovascular health and they can also help lower cholesterol levels due to having phytosterols (plant cholesterol). Some experts believe that sunflower seeds are a top health food, maybe I should add them as a superfood instead of a fat?

Because of the new ingredient, I was able to make Biolent Keto have only 7g of net carbs per 500 calorie serving. This is sufficient to have some of the most carb sensitive individuals remain in ketosis. As expected Biolent Keto has all the same benefits that the other members of the Biolent family have including: superfoods, probiotics and amazing levels of fiber!

On another note, I’ve modified Biolent Original and Flex slightly to include sunflower seeds as well. No reason why Biolent Keto gets to only get the added health benefits!

These changes are relatively minor and there aren’t any significant changes in taste or consistency with the products.