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Charity Update - Feeding Kids Close to Home


I grew up in a middle class house in Kingston Ontario. Although I never had to worry about food, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t see the affects of child hunger in my city.

Our family became a foster home when I was fairly young. I saw kids who were abused and mistreated on a daily basis. The difference in their thoughts and my own blew me away when we first started. Some kids would horde food in their rooms because they knew what it was like to not have a next meal. Others would binge to the point of excess because they didn’t know what it was like to feel full.

The point is that child hunger isn’t something that is happening in a different country, it affects 16 million children in Canada and the US. Some of the kids that were brought to my home grew up only 10 minutes away from where we lived.

When I started Biolent I knew that I wanted to give back in some way. We began by donating 25% of all profits to charities and we saw some success with this method.  We’re changing our strategy now to a per sale model in order to increase transparency with our customers. Starting in 2016, for every meal of Biolent sold we will donate one meal to either NoKidHungry or Breakfast for Learning. That’s 28 meals for a week order or 112 meals for a month order.

NoKidHungry and Breakfast for Learning work with school programs to provide meals to kids in America and Canada respectively. They also run nutrition programs that teach the importance of eating healthy meals, setting kids up for the future.

When placing your order, select which charity you’d like to donate to. I understand the desire for donating close to home which is why I’ve set up two options. You can learn more about NoKidHungry here or Breakfast for Learning here.