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What Are People Saying?

Dannah Davies - CEO and Founder of Sweetsmith Candy Co

I really liked the flavour which tastes natural and much better than the other brands I've tried. As a busy professional I sometimes find it hard to make healthy meals so it's perfect for a quick breakfast or snack.

Craig Major - Director and Co-Founder of Start Up Toronto

The shakes are easy to make and keep me full so I'm not relying on unhealthy food. I've been using the shakes daily for a month now and they have already helped me lose 10 pounds!

David Liang - Founder of Sin3rgy Fitness

By far the most reliable way to always have a meal handy. Whether you're tracking macros or just need a quick meal, it's a must to have a shake on you.

Phil Truong - CEO and Founder of JSUR Apparel

I love the Vanilla Athlete Shake from Vital House. The taste is unique, similar to oatmeal and not overly sweet. It's perfet for those busy days as a snack with great macros!